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Rolling Memorials

One of our most anticipated projects are our rolling memorials. Through donations and old fashioned antique hunting, we have located a small collection of older military vehicles. Our intention is to refurbish all of these vehicles and dedicate them to a different service branch.


These vehicles will then be used in Veterans Day parades to shuttle and celebrate veterans from the corresponding era!


 These vehicles will be refurbished from top to bottom by veterans eager to learn basic auto mechanics or by the veterans eager to teach their fellow warriors. This program is only made possible through donations; whether it be from those who want to honor someone important to them or just a true patriot wanting to give back to a hero in a constructive manner.


All names from donations of those to be honored will be placed on a plaque on the jeep for everyone to see!


Contact us if you would like to help make these memorials a reality!

The Start


The Goal

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