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Suicide Prevention &
Responsible Drinking Education

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Surplus Americans knows all to well the mental struggles that can be associated with high stress occupations. We have made it part of our overall mission to face head on these challenges and ensure the no one in the veteran community ever feels alone.

Where we come in.


Surplus Americans has multiple instructors certified in suicide prevent training programs to include ASIST and Veteran and First Responder Programs. The coursres are designed for individuals engaged in stressful carreers such as military and first responders. We use a combination of comedy, reality, and hard facts to better understand the complexities in dealing with suicidal thoughts in ourselves and with others.

In conjunction with suicide prevention, we teach responsible drinking and alcohol awareness since most often alcohol coincides with suicide issues. Our instructors habve first hand knowledge of the affercts of struggles of dealing with both of these subjects and openly discuss thier journies throughout the training.

Training events range from two hours to two days. We are able to design a flexible schedule to meet your needs. The benefits of choosing surplus americans instructors is they each have their own unique experience and are able to relate a military and first responder audience. Additionally as a nonprofit organization, the fees associated with these classes can be considered tax deductable


For more information, or if you would like to schedule a training, please contact Jason White at

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