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Wendy W.
Home Rescue

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Wendy is a veteran currently living in Killeen, TX. She is medically retired from the Army and in need of some desperate help!

During Winter Storm Uri in 2020, Wendy's pipes exploded beneath her floor in several places, and after battling with insurance companies for years, the problems still have not been fixed.

During this time period, the leaks have caused so much damage to her home, Wendy had to move her daughter across the street to a neighbors. Wendy on the other hand,  sleeps most nights on a mattress on the floor of a back room addition which could come down at any time. She has been working constantly to support her family and friends while tirelessly trying to get her house cleaned out, hoping she may one day be able to move her daughter back in.

While no one has occupied the interior of the house for almost a year, neighborhood cats and animals have taken refuge inside, crawling inside through all the holes scattered throughout the floor from failed maintenance attempts by plumbers. The house is covered floor to ceiling in animal urine and feces, making it completely unlivable.

It is not safe for anyone to be inside this house.

But no challenge is too extreme for Surplus Americans!

Please check out her story, join us and our partners in our journey, and help us in our mission to bring Wendy and her daughter back into a safe home!

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 3.48.15 PM.png
Small sample of animal take-over.
A large hole left by failed plumping attempt.
The mattress where Wendy frequently sleeps.
Wendy Bathroom.png
The only bathroom in Wendy's House.

Mission Phases

Projected Costs

Our cost projections for this mission have been broken down into several categories:

  • Major Repairs

  • Minor Repairs

  • Materials

  • Lodging & Activities

  • Volunteers

  • Surplus Americans Admin/Marketing

A table has been provided to show the cost of each specific project. This makes it easy to see exactly how your donations will be used, as well as make it possible for you or your company to sponsor your own project!

Roofers at Work

Major Repairs

Amusement Park

Lodging & Activities


Minor Repairs

Men Volunteering


Paint Cans

Materials & Appliances

Flexible Payment Planning

Surplus Americans Marketing/Admin

Total Estimated Cost


Total Estimated Cost


Total Estimated Cost


Total Estimated Cost


Lodging and Activities for Wendy and her daughter during

Reveal Weekend.

Total Estimated Cost


Food and supplies for our hardworking volunteers over

Reveal Weekend.

Total Estimated Cost


Lodging and meals for our traveling Surplus Americans Management Team

Marketing materials and supplies for community outreach to amplify turnout on Reveal Weekend

Project Partners


Business Sponsors

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