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Surplus Americans is more than an Emergency Housing Renovations organization, we also strive to create healthy environments for veterans and their families to experience Texas ranches and the skills needed to create an independent lifestyle.

Where we come in.


Surplus Americans Team connects veterans looking for outdoorsmen experiences with ranch owners around Texas. Outdoorsmen activities can include, but are not limited to, hunting, fishing, trail riding, mechanics, blacksmithing, or even gardening.


This program is designed to strengthen bonds between a veteran and their family, develop social connections in the community, and build camaraderie amongst veterans and first responders.

Horse Grazing

Sponsor a Horse


Foxxy & Momma

Meet Foxxy and her mom, Momma Bessie!

Foxxy is a beautiful Paint Mare with a fiery spirit and a desire to get out and run. Foxxy is our youngest horse. While standing at 15 hands, she is a great sized horse for the average sized rider. She is looking for someone to help buy some feed for her and possible come work with her!

Momma is our sweet angel. Standing at 14.5 hands, she is a bit smaller, but still a very strong rider. Her specialty is Horse Scenting, she has attended several classes!



Hershey is a gilded quarter horse with a sweet disposition. He lost sight in his right eye, but can still ride with the best of them! Hershey is about 16 years old and stands at 16 hands, making him our largest horse!

He loves alfalfa, sweet feed, and a good brush!



Chance is a 13 year old gilded quarter horse with a passive disposition. He is a little shy at first, but with the right treats, he warms right up to you!

Unfortunately, Chance has had some health issues, so he can not be ran or worked hard, but he can absolutely walk the trails with you. He's a great listener too!



Tex is our oldest horse, he is about 18 years old. He is very well mannered and just wants to hang out with the guys. He stands at 15.5 hands.

Although his hardworking and running days may be behind him, he is an amazing companion to ride the trails with!

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