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Surplus Americans

Helping veterans help themselves.

Veteran Family


Surplus Americans is a Central Texas based nonprofit founded with the mission to build a strong veteran community with an emphasis on aiding elderly and disabled veterans in emergency housing situations.


We focus on the betterment of veteran living situations and mental health through targeted programs developed with peer to peer motivation as the driving initiative. 



Get to Know Us

Surplus Americans was founded in 2016 by Hunter Bruce and Jason White in Austin, TX, with the hope to be able to share their sense of community, skill sets, and overall positive mental outlook on coping with all the challenges that come with civilian life.


Surplus Americans focuses on creating events and opportunities to bring veterans of all ages and creeds together to support each other in anyway possible.

We believe every veteran needs a strong family and supportive community to discover their potential and maintain happiness as they create their future.


Meet the Team


Sponsor a Horse

Surplus Americans is in the process of building our very own Equine Therapy Program!

We hope to help amputee and disabled veterans improve mental health through Horse Education, Horse Bonding, and Trail Riding.

There are currently 5 donated horses under our care, all of which need to be fed and healthy. We need your help!

Please follow this link to meet our horses and sponsor one for just a few dollars a month.


Sponsor a Horse

Our Programs

Emergency Home Renovations

Emergency Home Repairs for Elderly and Disabled Veterans.

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Sportsmen Activities & Ranch Lifestyle Education

Texas Veteran

Ranch Group

Ranch owners organization to sponsor veteran sportsmen activities and educate families on the Texas Ranch Lifestyle.


Networking & Social Wellness



Local networking and social events for veterans to strengthen our community.


Suicide & Responsible Drinking Education

Educational classes and Information to help combat veteran suicide.

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Home Rescue Mission

Surplus Americans and Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity have teamed up for another Extreme Home Rescue in Killeen, TX! Please check out our project page to see how you can get involved through donations, volunteer work, or sponsorships.




Emancipet - Vet Expenses

Goal: to get all cats and dogs on property adopted.

This includes spay/neuter and all vaccinations.

Building Materials

Building Materials

Goal: $10,000

Ensure that Surplus Americans can buy everything needed that has not been donated to complete the mission.

Operations Expenses

Surplus Americans is 100% Volunteer organization with zero paid staff.

Every dollar raised goes into projects. Having a small operating budget can get the ball rolling on projects much faster!

“The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war."

General Douglas McArthur

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