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Temporary Work Opportunities

How We Help

Sometimes veterans need a helping hand but don't often ask for it. When veterans find themselves abruptly out of work or in momentary crisis, Surplus Americans is here to assist!


Through our network of veteran supporters, we locate immediate opportunities to help supplement a veteran's income during their time of need. These jobs typically involve, but are not limited to:

  • Handyman services

  • Landscaping

  • Temporary work through partnered agencies.

We understand that any one of us can fall on hard times. We are here to support you in a judgement free zone!

For the Veteran

For the Veteran


We find suitable work to fit your skill set and physical capability in a judgement free zone. Typically these opportunities are reserved for emergency situations but can be assessed on a case by case basis.


This is not a full time employment program, but we do offer support and direction to those searching for work.

Register Today!

We operate in the Central Texas area currently, so our veterans must be willing to travel up to 60 miles. Personal transportation is required, again, on a case to case basis. ​


We also provide financial management counseling to ensure your future success. If you can't pay a bill, can't buy groceries, or you are just falling further and further behind, reach out and let us help!

For the Sponsor

For the Sponsor




Handyman Services








Brush/Junk Removal

Surplus Americans has a large array of tools and equipment to get your project done. We screen qualified veterans to ensure the best level of service and a safe work environment.

Contact our office if you have some work that you need done around the house while simultaneously contributing to veterans!

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