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Vets - 4 - Vets

A key foundation of Surplus Americans is ensuring that veterans have a safe place to live in any way we can.


However, this is not always as easy as it sounds for some of the senior members of the veteran community, as well as the members living with disabilities.


If you know, or have heard of, any veteran living in unsafe conditions, please contact us!

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Vets - 4 - Vets

Vets - 4 - Vets

The homeless veteran program consists of a multi-faceted approach to help assist in realistic solutions to this crisis. 


Our success depends on detailed attention to the individual veteran's immediate needs through dedicated Outreach Teams

We also strive for community involvement by donating supplies, food, and amenities.

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Homeless Veteran Outreach

Vets - 4 - Vets

When veterans find themselves abruptly out of work or in momentary crisis, Surplus Americans is here to assist.


Through our network of veteran supporters, we locate immediate opportunities to help supplement a veteran’s income during their time of need. 


Temporary Work Opportunities

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